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Get to know Qavalo

We are a team of professionals with the heart and mind of clinicians who seek to optimize the home health administrative process to empower agencies to focus on patient care.

Our Purpose

We seek to optimize home health administrative processes to allow agencies to expand their operational capacity.

Our Vision

Quality of life through quality healthcare

We envision a world where patients are able to receive the highest quality of care across all healthcare settings and ultimately improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

We help home health agencies focus on patient care by delivering tech-enabled and integrated support solutions.

Our Story

Qavalo was established in 2016 by our Co-Founder and CEO, Laurice Chiongbian, a communications expert from California and a strong advocate of entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Laurice built Qavalo upon seeing the growing challenges in the home health landscape in the United States with the rapid globalization of healthcare through technology.

The company name grounded what Qavalo would be all about—quality clinical documentation solutions for the home health industry. It is derived from the colloquial Cebuano term ‘kabalo,’ which means ‘to know,’ and the first two letters also represent the acronym QA for quality assurance.

Qavalo invests in a skilled workforce with extensive clinical experience to anticipate the changing needs of our clients while simultaneously bringing quality opportunities to the talent pool of qualified healthcare professionals in the Philippines. It is a perfect synergy of supply and demand given the current situation in the US, where healthcare providers, specifically home health agencies, are challenged with delivering quality patient care in the face of a declining clinical labor force.

Over the years, Qavalo has become the largest tech-enabled home health business process outsourcing in Asia and one of the most trusted employers in the industry, having received multiple recognitions at Asia’s biggest business awards. With our innovative approaches, we have evolved from being a traditional outsourcing provider into a forward-thinking and data-driven business partner.

From our humble roots in a co-working space, we now occupy two sites within Cebu City, Philippines, with our team of more than 100 licensed healthcare professionals who function as a back office support team for home health agencies, so our clients can fulfill their promise of quality and consistent home health services.

Our Leader

Our executives are the driving force behind Qavalo’s forward-thinking goals, as they are unified by their commitment to creating quality of life through quality healthcare.

As CEO, Laurice is the chief strategist and leadership coach of the company. What she enjoys most about being a leader is finding the best people for the job and giving them the guidance and resources to thrive. All in all, Laurice is the vigilant custodian of Qavalo’s vision as she pursues growth opportunities to bring us to our goals and fulfill our clients’ needs.

Laurice Chiongbian

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Team

Our leadership team is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals who keep our well-oiled machine running in tip-top shape to achieve the company’s goals.

Carla Marie Red, RN, CPC
Operations Manager
Blanche Pupos, RN, MBA
QA Accounts Supervisor
Rya Miranda, RN
Training Manager
Cecil Ibgos
Accounting Manager
Rene Quimbo
Human Resource Manager
John Daryl Banaag
Marketing Manager

Award for Innovation in Technology Development

Gold Stevie Winner
2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Award

Award for innovative Management in Business Product & Service Industries

Silver Stevie Winner
2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Award

Great Place to Work-Certified™

December 2021 - December 2022

Philippine Best Workplaces™ 2022

Ranked no. 2 - Small Category

Best Workplaces™ in Asia 2022

Ranked no. 31 - Small and Medium Category

Entrepeneur of the Year
Laurice A. Chiongbian

Circle of Excellence
13th Asia CEO Awards 2022

Entrepeneur of the Year
Laurice A. Chiongbian

Circle of Excellence
12th Asia CEO Awards 2021

Wellness Company of the Year

Circle of Excellence
12th Asia CEO Awards 2021

SME Company of the Year

Grand Winner
13th Asia CEO Awards 2022

SME Company of the Year

Circle of Excellence
12th Asia CEO Awards 2021

Executive Leadership Team of the Year

Circle of Excellence
11th Asia CEO Awards 2020

Our Core Values

We are driven by seven core values that guide us in our daily performance and interactions with both our team and clients.

Qavalo's blood type is positive.

We take an optimistic point of view towards work, change, or feedback.​

Add to the flywheel.

We use constructive feedback to constantly improve.

Respect begets respect.

We recognize and acknowledge each other’s contributions, weaknesses, and strengths.

Initiative is a step towards progress.

We search for new solutions and more effective approaches without being asked.

It’s not the job you do, it’s how you do the job.

We show commitment to our role by maintaining self-discipline at work and taking the extra mile.

Teach, share, learn. Repeat often.

We continuously seek new and better ways to do things by learning from each other.

Less me, more we.

We step up for the team when the going gets tough.

Hear from the team

Allow our team to be an extension of yours

Get solutions that are well-suited to your agency’s needs to increase operational efficiency and achieve business objectives.