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With the persistent staffing challenge in home health, addressing clinician pain points and streamlining their workflows are important elements to achieving sustainable operations and continuous business growth.

Fast-track OASIS completion.
Reduce clinician documentation time.

Let our team of clinical professionals take charge of creating the OASIS on behalf of your clinicians. Using our specialized Quick Assessment Form, we willl analyze patient data to complete the OASIS form in your EMR, including responding to the crucial M and GG items.

12-24 hours turnaround time

Full-time dedicated team of OASIS-trained professionals

Promotes focus on patient care

The Quick Assessment Form

“Our Nurses and Therapists are very pleased with the OASIS charting process with Qavalo. Once the OASIS is filled in by Qavalo it is returned to the clinician for review and approval. They aren’t just signing a document that they didn’t review for accuracy. Our nurses say they used to spend 1-2 hours at home charting on the OASIS and now it takes about 20 minutes either at home or during the home visit to fill in the paperwork and attach it in Wellsky.”

Angi, Director of Nursing and Clinical Services
Real Solution Home Health Care
Delray Beach, FL

Case Study

Learn about how one of our clients realized efficiencies by outsourcing their OASIS charting.

Find out if this solution is right for you.

Sign up now for a complimentary trial and let us review and code up to 4 OASIS for your agency. With just a signed BAA and temporary access to your EMR, we can get you started in no time.

Get started in three easy steps!

Sign a BAA

Download our Business Associate Agreement template or you may provide your own.

Set up a temporary EMR access

Create a temporary log-in for our team on your EMR.

Send chart assignments

Send us a list of 4 OASIS documents via any messaging feature on your EMR (e.g. Kmail for WellSky).

Set up your free trial

Fill out the form and we will be in touch to facilitate your free trial.