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3 Ways Process Improvement Will Help Boost Home Health Star Ratings!


    Published on: Sept. 26, 2016 | 10:01

    CMS introduced Star Ratings to help the public compare quality of service among providers, but it is a known fact among agencies that the results can make or break your business and even put reputations on the line.

    While home health providers continue to deal with the challenges of an ever-evolving industry, opportunities to pull away from the pack lie in documentation and process improvement tools.
    But how? Agencies are already overwhelmed with increasing regulatory measures from CMS, and pressure is mounting further with pre-claim regulations on the way.

    Be proactive– 3 ways to manage your documentation and improve clinical process.

    1. Concurrent care and data entry- Patient care and data recording should be done hand-in-hand; clinicians need continuous training on how to effectively complete discipline documentation during their patient visits. This will increase chances for a complete data set.

    2. Systematic workflow- A clearly-defined and organized workflow keeps clinicians on track and ensures reporting accuracy. A checklist of tasks or a third party chart review will take your data one step further.

    3. Problem recognition and fix- Effective reporting and feedback mechanisms are critical to an effective process improvement program by objectively identifying problem areas and, more importantly, problem clinicians.

    The documentation is overwhelming, and patient care will inevitably be compromised if new solutions are not considered. Process innovations, ranging from IT solutions to process outsourcing, increase efficiency and the trickle down effect will boost your star ratings. While such options may initially seem risky or unfamiliar, the right partner is out there and can help bring your agency to the next level.

    Outsource your documentation with Qavalo:

    Our team of experts will eliminate the burden of documentation and let you focus again on patient care. Beyond QA, our useful reporting and analytics can elevate your documentation standards, clinician performance and ultimately improve Star Ratings.

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