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Key Things to Look For in an Outsourcing Provider


    Choosing the right clinical process outsourcing partner is crucial to the success of your outsourcing plan. The right choice can positively impact patient experience, employee morale, and your immediate business goals. Aside from cost, we’d like to suggest some additional criteria to help you find the right outsourcing partner:


    1) Qualifications of the QA Team: Top of everyone’s list, your outsourcing partner should be able to offer you an expert workforce. Find a team that would be as qualified, if not more so, than one you could hire and train in-house.

    Qavalo’s staff are all registered nurses with between 2-8 years of clinical and healthcare BPO experience, several having held clinical instructor, charge nurse and head nurse positions. We believe that sound clinical judgement is the key to thorough documentation review—particularly with QA. Qavalo nurses work in a collaborative approach to ensure that the best clinical judgement is applied when QA’ing clients’ charts. We continuously conduct internal QA monitoring and process improvement so we can keep up with the demands of the industry.

    “Because of  high staffing costs, many agencies resort to hiring LVNs, PTAs, or non-clinical backgrounds to QA and code their notes, and that lack of clinical knowledge can certainly be supplemented by a weekend certificate course. However nothing can substitute the first-hand clinical knowledge of a trained and educated clinician.”

     – Laurice Chiongbian, Founder


    2) Onboarding Process: Proper alignment with your agency’s process flow and protocols is critical to a successful outsourcing plan. Review your potential partner’s onboarding process to ensure an efficient and thorough system for getting both teams on the same page.  

    Qavalo offers a one week onboarding process, wherein we take 2-3 days to fully assess a new client’s charts. A list of your agency’s most commonly occurring problem areas is compiled and will round out our onboarding checklist. Using that checklist, a very comprehensive client-specific protocol is established, hand-in-hand with the client, so we are applying both your internal agency standard and the CMS standard to your documentation.


    3) Reporting:. CMS emphasizes that QA is only part of the bigger Quality Assurance – Process Improvement (QAPI) feedback mechanism. We also recognize that EMR software tends to be billing focused–once a chart is closed, oftentimes so are the learning opportunities of the documentation. Look for a provider that can broaden the scope of QA beyond just one specific note.

    Qavalo generates weekly and monthly reports that your management team can utilize for ‘big picture’ improvements. Qavalo’s worklogs and escalation reports facilitate clinician-specific and discipline-specific assessments.


    4) Flexibility: For a truly cost-effective service, an outsourcing partner should be able to offer not just competitive but also flexible plans. Check on the provider’s packages and terms. Make sure they can help you respond to your evolving agency needs and seasonal census fluctuations.

    Qavalo offers a variety of packages aside from our competitive pricing. However, since we are a young and growing company, we are open to our clients’ suggestions. If you have a specific arrangement in mind for how we can support your clinical process, we are open to exploring how we can make it happen.

    Choose the right partner– choose Qavalo!

    Qavalo’s trained RNs are ready to take your QA to the next level.  See how we can  help you achieve process improvement through client-efficient reporting and feedback mechanisms. Our fast and painless onboarding process will have our team aligned with your agency protocols and ready to process all your documentation in a matter of days.

    Experience our service for yourself– avail of our FREE TRIAL, absolutely no strings attached and no payment details required upfront.

    Contact us to learn more about our team and the caliber of service we are dedicated to delivering. We can be reached at 916-282-9868 or email