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Out Now: OASIS-E1 Draft Guidance Manual and Time Point Versions

    On May 3, CMS released two vital draft OASIS documents: the Draft OASIS-E1 Guidance Manual and the Draft Time Point Versions of the OASIS-E1 Instrument. Upon release of the final versions, these will become effective on January 1, 2025.

    We have outlined the notable changes and updates contained in these new resources:

    Draft version of the OASIS-E1 Guidance Manual:

    • New COVID-19 Vaccine item- O0350.
    • Removal of guidance concerning M0110, M2200, and the GG0130 and GG0170 discharge goals.
    • Changes in Chapter 1: Addition of a placeholder in Section 1.5.1 – Who does OASIS data collection apply to? for language that CMS has noted: “will be updated with the finalization of the HH CY 2025 Final Rule.”
    • Updated Appendix D: Description of Changes from OASIS-E to OASIS-E1: Contains a change table illustrating the differences between the current OASIS-E Manual and the draft OASIS-E1 Manual.

    Draft Time Point Versions of the OASIS-E1 Instrument:

    • New skip patterns.
    • Removal of M0110 – Episode Timing from the Start of Care (SOC) and Resumption of Care (ROC) time points.
    • Removal of M2200 – Therapy Need from the SOC and Follow-up time points.
    • Removal of the GG0130 and GG0170 Discharge Goals from the SOC/ROC time points.
    • Addition of the new item O0350 – COVID-19 Vaccine to the Transfer, Discharge, and Death At Home time points.

    Access the draft Guidance Manual on the Home Health Quality Reporting (HHQRP) OASIS User Manual web page>

    Access the OASIS-E1 Instrument (All Items and Time Point versions) on the HHQRP OASIS Data Sets Webpage>