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Reviewing the January 2024 IPR for HHVBP

    The latest version of the Interim Performance Report (IPR) for HHVBP is set to be available in iQIES by end of January 2024. It allows agencies to evaluate and monitor their quality measure performance compared to peers in their cohort. The January 2024 IPR will also feature additional data for CY 2023, serving as the basis for the adjusted payment percentage in CY 2025.

    The January 2024 IPR will include data from the following timeframes for the 12 measures in the expanded HHVBP model:

    (5) OASIS-based quality measures – 10/1/2022 to 9/30/2023
    (2) Claims-based – 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023
    (5) HHCAHPS Survey-based quality measures – 7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023

    Reviewing IPR contents

    The quarterly IPRs contain each agency’s updated quality measure performance based on the last 12 months of data available  including:

    • A quarterly update on the HHA’s interim Total Performance Score (TPS)
    • Percentile rankings reflecting HHA performance relative to other HHAs in the cohort
    • TNC Change Reference tab to identify HHA performance on the 9 individual OASIS items included in the two TNC Change measures
    • Scorecard tab to identify how each individual measure contributes to the HHA’s TPS
    Here’s how the IPRs differ from other reports found in iQIES:
    • Uses performance in the HHVBP Model measure set to calculate the HHA’s interim TPS
    • The Interim Performance Report provides a peer ranking of HHAs that belong to the same cohort based on their performance on the HHVBP set measures.
    • Informs the HHA about the percentage of quality episodes wherein there was no change, positive change, or negative change for each of the nine OASIS items utilized in the two TNC Change measures.

    The iQIES reports and the HHVBP reports may also result from the different data collection date ranges used in reports as well as risk adjustment. For example, the iQIES Review and Correct Reports use observed measure values and expanded Model performance reports use risk-adjusted values.

    The initial version of the quarterly IPR, called the Preliminary IPR, allows HHAs to request a recalculation if they believe there’s a discrepancy in performance scores. To file a dispute based on the Preliminary IPR, the agency must submit a recalculation request within 15 calendar days of its publication. The Value-Based Purchasing June newsletter contains detailed instructions, including links to the appropriate platform for submitting recalculation requests.

    All HHAs that received a Preliminary IPR will receive a Final IPR even if the HHA did not submit a recalculation request. Read this report from CMS for an overview of the HHVBP Model Measures and Reports.