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The burden of EMR documentation—why you should give QA outsourcing a second look.

    Healthcare outsourcing is proving to be a reliable solution for care providers as the demands of CMS documentation standards make it more and more challenging for agencies to deliver consistent and quality patient care.

    What has changed? Why should you give outsourcing another chance? Here’s why:

    Outsourcing your Home Health Agency’s Key Functions– What’s in it for you?

    Cost savings are only part of the package– let’s take a look at the other benefits of healthcare outsourcing:

    1. Less stress, more profit:  By doing outsourcing, businesses can slash up to 60% off their costs, plus minimizing the burden of staff hiring, skills development and process improvement.

    2. Quality work, guaranteed: Outsourcing promises quality work by investing in an expert workforce exercising extensive clinical judgement from years of experience in the clinical setting.

    3. Focus on core process and services: Remove the burden of documentation and focus on your agency’s main patient care goals.

    4. Client satisfaction means higher Star Ratings:  Deliver a better patient experience and bring up your star ratings.

    5. Long term process improvement: We provide clients efficient feedback & reporting mechanisms so you can monitor your clinician’s progress as well as areas of development for long term process improvement.

    Try Outsourcing with Qavalo

    We’re a specialized QA outsourcing company, helping home health agencies elevate their documentation standards and bill those charts faster. Our team of experts can scale to your company’s evolving needs so you can focus on what matters most.

    Give us a ring and let’s explore how Qavalo can help take your agency to the next level!

    Find out how you can avail of our FREE TRIAL — no strings attached, no payment details required up front. Experience Qavalo quality–today!

    Contact us at 916-282-9868 or email